Review #79 Traitor’s Sun by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Despite devouring the books themselves in less than 5 days, it has taken me ages to sit down and write the reviews to the last 2 Darkover novels due to some chaos in our family’s life.  During the past month, I may have struggled to write up my reviews, but I never stopped reading books for my challenge.  I think the reading kept me sane!

Traitor’s Sun picks up the story of Marguerida Alton and her husband, Mikhail some fifteen years after the adventures chronicled in  Exile’s Song.  Their life appears to be more settled now that they have children and a life as seconds-in-command to the aging Regis Hastur, but things in the Terran Federation are crumbling from within. Darkover may soon have to protect itself from desperate and ambitious Federation employees loyal to the powers off world rather than the planet they are stationed on.  When the legendary Regent, Regis, dies amid this chaos, it provides the perfect opportunity for some to ignore the rules that they have always followed.  Will Margeurida and Mikhail be able to save their planet with only their telepathic Laran powers?

These last Darkover novels remain some of the best examples of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s writing talents.  Traitor’s Sun not only showcases the fullness of her storytelling abilities, it allows the saga of a much beloved world finally come into its own.

Paperback format, 534 pages, published in 1998 by DAW Books.


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