A Gift to Myself…

For the past 7 years, I have been giving myself the most wonderful gift on my birthday.

I take the day off. 

Of course this is easier to do as a self-employed illustrator and small press publisher, but I do have other clients and work that I do outside of my own company and I do not book any of those on my birthday.

This is a day just for me.

Those 7 hours, while my daughters are off at school and my husband is at work are mine… all mine… to do with whatever I will.

I write in my journal.

I make a mug of tea and read a good book.

I doodle or get creative with craft supplies.

I start a new adventure in Pokemon Blue on my old Gameboy Colour.

I take a nap.

I go for a long walk and look at the leaves beginning to turn colour.

I do whatever I want.

That is a precious and rare gift in our over scheduled, over committed society.  Time to think,  time to be still, time to recharge and time to be me.

Today, the fringes of the hurricane are bringing heavy bands of rain to our area and it is a grey, wet morning.  I will curl up on the couch with a good book, write a long journal entry to dream about the year ahead and celebrate being alive.

Happy Birthday to Me!


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