Review #52 Dance with the Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Back I swing from Darkover novels to Dark-Hunter tales.  I am feeling a bit obsessive right now as the pendulum swings back and forth madly, but it is actually very easy to keep both series straight in my head as I plow my way through them.  For me, this is the true joy of being a natural speed reader. If only I could write my reviews as fast!

Dance with the Devil deals with a surly, unsavory, almost dislikable character from the previous novel named Zarek.  Kenyon was able to plant just enough tiny glimpses of personality under all the gruffness and rudeness that I found myself wondering how on earth anyone could fall in love with this character she’d created.

Always trust a brilliant author.

This paranormal romance starts out in a manner you’d hardly expect.  Astrid is an immortal who has been sent down to judge Zarek in order to decide if he should be executed or not.  Her sight has been taken away so that she is not influenced by the outer appearance of the apparently uncontrollable Dark-Hunter Zarek that she’s been sent to judge. This is a good thing because none of Kenyon’s characters are ever ugly!

Dance with the Devil has ended up being one of my favourite Kenyon romance novels thus far.  The sarcasm was at its most honed, the adventure was thrilling, the characters had other sides to them that made it a fascinating read and the redemption aspect was uplifting in a world where the headlines so often carry only the darkest of headlines.

Dance with the Devil is well worthy of being on anyone’s summer reading list!

Paperback format, 343 pages, published in 2003 by St. Martin’s Griffin


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