Review #38 Infamous by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Infamous is the third book in the Chronicles of Nick YA series written by Sherrilyn Kenyon.  After reading the second novel, Invincible, I decided that I couldn’t possibly wait for this next installment to come on sale or be published in a paperback format.  That is usually one of the true tests for a series.  As a voracious and speedy reader, I tend to try to stretch my book budget as far as possible.  This year’s Cannonball Read #4 challenge has made me throw caution to the wind on more than one occasion and just indulge!

Infamous begins as grippingly as Invincible ended. Nick Gautier has just discovered that the man he thought was his uncle offering advice is actually his future self trying to undo a terrible reality that brings on the world’s destruction.  Nick now knows that his father is not just a criminal, but a ferocious demon who choses to live in prison to feed off the evil energy that pools in such places.  Talk about  a heavy burden to bear at 14!  Is the future set in stone no matter what?  Will those closest to him still protect him or bring about his destruction once they learn the truth.  Can he trust his own advice from the future or is he embarking on a new path because of the brave choices he continues to make?

This novel was probably the most satisfying of the series so far.  Nick is still a wonderful blend of sarcasm, spunk and teenage cockiness, but the challenges that are now being thrust upon him push him to the limits of his emotional and physical endurance.  Kenyon has known her own share of hardships in her life and somehow transposes some of her own indomitable tenacity into her main character.  The story lines are touching and the adventure is EPIC!  The way the characters weave together unexpectedly only makes this story shine.  From the way Bubba’s mother gripes at him to the pathos of how people deal with tragedy, Infamous is a roller coaster ride that can have you laughing then tearing up in less than a dozen pages.  Amid so many of the series churned out to entice young readers, the Chronicles of Nick stands out as one I would heartily recommend to anyone between 13 and 93 who loves great stories and doesn’t mind descriptions of things that go bump in the night.  It will be a long wait until March 2013 when book 4 in the series Inferno is due out.  In the meantime, I will explore her other adult romance novels where Nick first appeared and know that I will have the fun of rereading the first 3 once the 4th one is published, just to make sure that I remember all the great details!

Hardcover format, 468 pages, published in 2012 by St. Martin’s Griffin


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