Review #34 Mulengro by Charles de Lint

One of the things that I am enjoying most about this Cannonball Read IV challenge is how it lets me track my reading patterns. I tend to go in themes or off on tangents. My current thread of reading books about demons, demigods and other things that might go bump in the night reminded me of something in an older tale by Charles de Lint. I scurried down to my bookcases in the basement to reread this incredible tale of the supernatural and Gypsy culture penned by one of Canada’s best fantasy authors in the mid-eighties.

Mulengro is a tale of dark magic set in Canada’s capital city and into the Ontario countryside. A series of murders is baffling the police and haunting the Romany community. The police think that a serial killer is on the loose but the Gypsies know better. Something is stalking them and any who get in the way. Their name for this darkness is He Who Walks With Ghosts….Mulengro.

Charles de Lint is a masterful and descriptive writer whose tales helped create the Urban Fantasy genre. This is not a tale of magic in a far off kingdom, but rather what is revealed to be around us and among us if we only have eyes to see. In the case of this dark tale, we might wish that we could be kept safe from the evil that lurks beyond what our rational brains can comprehend. The story is riveting and brilliantly told. The characters are strong, believable and so engaging that you mourn deeply when some of them do not survive. The author provides a sensitive and engrossing look into the secretive Romany culture and language which adds depth to this tale of modern magic.

If you haven’t read this classic example of Charles de Lint’s storytelling, hunt Mulengro down at your local library, used bookstore or online!

Paperback format, 351 pages, published in 1985 by Ace Fantasy

ISBN-13: 978-0940841598


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