Review #31 Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Author Sherrilyn Kenyon thanks her own teenage sons for helping her come up with the opening line – I am a socially awkward mandork– for this first book in the Chronicles of Nick series.  After the bleakness of reading Wither, this book drew me into a world of teenage angst, sarcasm and zombies…. what’s not to love?  Nick Gautier is having a harder time than most young men adjusting to the challenges of growing up. He lives in fairly abject poverty, raised by his mother who has to work as a stripper while his violent father rots in prison.  That is before reality begins to unravel around him and fellow classmates begin turning into living zombies.

Infinity is a wonderful introduction for teenage readers into to the Dark Hunter world that Kenyon, a #1 New York Times Best Selling Author, has created.  I recognized several key characters as the first chapters unfolded, but this pivotal story is told in such a strong male voice that I was immediately drawn in to the captivating blend of vulnerability and attitude embodied by the young hero.

There is plenty of humour to keep you  smiling at the oddest moments, plenty of action to satisfy any reader’s longing for adventure and so many incredible characters that you finish this novel craving another fix as soon as possible. I purchased this hardcover novel for half-price, but after reading it, I quickly hunted down the second book in paperback format to devour.  The series is powerful enough to make me break my rule of waiting for the paperback on principle and I may have to buy the 3rd one in hardcover, especially knowing that there will be a fourth book to come!

After reading Sherrilyn Kenyon’s story about her road to publishing, I can understand why her stories and characters are so believable.  Like them, the author has faced incredible odds and challenges without giving up.  Ever.  Some may wince at the paranormal in young adult novels, but I feel it is important to have stories which inspire young readers not to give into Darkness and to keep reaching for the Light.  The way that Kenyon accomplished this in Infinity is unique, refreshing and …infinitely enjoyable!  I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

Hardcover format, 464 pages, published in 2010 by St.Martin’s Griffin


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