Review #21- Long Hot Summoning

Long Hot Summoning is the third book in Tanya Huff’s series about a group of magical protectors known as Keepers.  This time, it is Claire’s younger sister Diana who receives her first official “Summons” once she graduates from high school and becomes a full-fledged Keeper in her own right.  The only problem is that Diana is the most powerful Keeper ever recorded with a long history of accidentally using her gift in less than orthodox ways to try to help.  Her older sister Claire and partner Dean are soon drawn into the plot and chaos as well when they must return to Kingston, Ontario where their relationship first began.

Despite the switch in focus that puts DIana center stage rather than her older sister, this novel is full of mayhem, humour and witty cultural references that can make readers giggle out loud unexpectedly.  How can you not be enchanted an captivated by a story that contains a suburban shopping mall becoming the nexus for a doorway to the Otherworld, teenage elves that evolved from missing street kids, a Manga style King Arthur and a mummy trying to make mischief in our world while 2 powerful Keeper siblings are stuck slightly out of our own reality.

Long Hot Summoning is the perfect choice for a fun romp into the improbable, especially for those who prefer cats over dogs!

Paperback format, 413 pages, published in 2003 by Daw Books


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