Review #19 – Summon the Keeper

Summon The Keeper by Tanya Huff

After reading Mercedes Lackey’s two Diana Tregarde novels, I had the urge to revisit Tanya Huff’s trilogy about her magical protectors known as Keepers.  The first in the series is called Summon the Keeper, published in the late 90s.  Claire Hansen is a slightly overconfident young woman who is Summoned (the term for when a Keeper is called to where they need to be to help) to the Elysian Fields Guest House in Kingston, Ontario.  When she wakes up the next morning, she discovers that she is now the owner of the Bed & Breakfast, complete with an annoying neighbour, a hunky Newfie housekeeper, a evil Keeper spelled into a trance in Room 6 and a hole to Hell in the furnace room!

Canadian author, Tanya Huff writes with such humour and wit that you often find yourself chuckling aloud as you read her stories, especially this series.  Intricate plot twists, hilarious cultural references, wonderful characters and the smugness of a talking cat all add to the reader’s enjoyment.  When you need a romp into an imaginary world when Good and Evil duke it out until the very end, you can’t do any better than this series!  Unlike many recent trilogies, designed to leave the reader hanging and force the sale of the next book, Summon the Keeper can stand on its own as a story.  The best gift is that when you are left wanting to read more about the main characters, despite a very funny and satisfying ending, there are other books to devour after this one.

Paperback format, 331 pages, published in 1998 by Daw Books


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