Review #14 The Truth of Valor

The Truth of Valor by Tanya Huff

Tanya Huff is one of my favourite Canadian authors.  The sheer versatility and variety of her subjects is impressive; from the vampire bastard son of King Henry VIII or bards who can control the elements to a B&B with a gateway to Hell in its basement or an almost indestructible Space Marine.  Her characters are strong, witty, complex and appealing.  Her stories contain more plot twists that a theme park roller coaster and her sense of humour has caused me to almost snort liquids out my nose on several occasions.

The Truth of Valor was a Christmas present and is the 5th book of Huff’s Confederation Novels.  The previous 4 tales follow the adventures of Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr through her adventures as a Confederation Marine in a hostile Universe of mixed sentient races who have banded together against common enemies.  This tough-as-nails heroine has survived more near death encounters than should be possible in the Corps and unraveled conspiracies upon which the very politics of the known Universe hinged.  In this exciting 5th novel, Torin has retired from her military career to team up with Salvage Operator Craig Ryder.  Despite the end to the War, Space is still a hostile environment and her new career choice no less risky.  Pirates have decided to move in on Salvage Operators out in the more remote sectors of space.  When her partner is kidnapped and she is left for dead, Torin not only survives, she decided to take on the pirate menace with the same ruthlessness that kept her alive as a Marine.

When I first began The Truth of Valor, I wondered how life outside the military was going to suit Torin Kerr. Huff’s ability to make her characters so engaging and the action so tightly written, that I was lost in the story before I knew it.  I finished the novel while doing Free Step on the Wii Fit and the last page was so brilliant that I actually stumbled and missed a step as I read the closing lines!  Whether you love hardcore science fiction stories or amazing stories with great characters (regardless of setting), I hearty recommend this book or any other written by Tanya Huff.

Paperback format, 404 pages, published in 2010 by Daw Books


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