Review #8 – Night of Power

Night of Power by Spider Robinson

Spider Robinson is best known for his Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon or Stardance novels, but he has also written some truly captivating, apocalyptic stories.  Written in the mid 1980s, Night of Power is the tale of a Canadian biracial couple and a white daughter from a first marriage heading to New York during the summer of 1996 just as a race war erupts.   It is full of action and suspense as well as some truly deep philosophical questions about our human nature and prejudice.  To read the novel now, in 2012, is to marvel at how well Robinson was able to predict some technological and societal changes, and yet acknowledging that many of the issues dealt with in this story have yet to be resolved as well as in his tale.

This story contains some very graphic and mature content, so it is not suitable for sheltered readers or a teen audience.  The characters, however, are grippingly real, brilliantly portrayed and heroic in their dedication to one another in a time of great crisis.  Sometimes, pivotal moments in history are able to bring out the hero inside each and every one of us.  Though Night of Power is a work of fiction, the triumph of the human spirit that this novel champions makes you wish we could infuse our own era with some of that spunk!

Paperback format,  287 pages, published  in 1985 by Baen Books and 1986 by Berkley Publishing.


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